Choice-based credit system (CBCS) has been introduced in HP colleges under Rashtirya Uchhtar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA). Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) is an instructional package developed to suit the needs of students to keep pace with the developments in higher education worldwide taking him/her out of isolated compartmentalized learning environment which clearly indicates for each level of certification learning effort required on the part of the student in terms of credits to be earned as well as participation in instructional hours to be spent through either regular mode or through distance education mode.

Admissions seekers will have to submit filled forms by due date as announced by the university time to time and a merit list would be displayed. Under Choice-based credit system, a student will have to opt for a major subject and the college will then display the merit list after going through the percentage of the number of students opting for that particular course. Students will also be helped by carrier and guidance cell and admission committees to choose minor, compulsory, additional and courses of hobby and general interest. The system also has a significant element of teacher evaluation by students to foster a responsibility of the teacher towards what is being taught, and provisions like spoken tutorials will also be available for students under the system.