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$1·       Best Practices of College library

            The College library is established in the year 1959.The library plays an important role in promoting knowledge, which is a part of our institute of learning. The library aims to stock the print and non- print books and periodicals that the students, faculties and other staff members are expected to read and enrich their literary strength.


·        To develop rich collection of reading material useful for library users (students, Teachers and other staff members).

·        To provide full information support to the teaching- learning process in the College.

·        To provide various library services and facilities to the readers.

·        To support research activities of research scholars (Teachers).

·        To support institution for developing quality of learning and teaching.


The library remain open to users on all working days from Monday to Saturday from 10:00AM to 05:00PM


            College Librarian    = 01 (Sanctioned post)

            Library Assistant.   =01 (Temporarily engaged out of Parents Teachers Fund)


        For the smooth functioning of library and its activities, every year College authority constitutes library committee. The main objective of this library committee is to utilize the funds and to look in to the other affairs of the library. The committee also looks in to the student’s/ faculty user’s grievances, if any. The

Committee consists of Principal as Chairman, Two senior Teachers and as Member and college Librarian as member secretary. The Committee constituted for the academic session 2016-17 is as under:-

1)    Associate prof. L S verma                                                      Convener

2)    Associate Prof. Shivani Sharma                                          Member

3)    Assistant Prof. Ajay Sood                                                      Member

4)    Assistant Prof. Shweta Sharma                                           Member

5)    Assistant Prof. Rajeev Sharma                                            Member  

6)    Anil Kumar, College Librarian                                              Mem Secy

LIBRARY COLLECTION as on February 2017

            Print Books:

                        Books                                                                                     =30071        

Non- Print Books:

            E- Books                                                                                =30,125,000          

Magazines / Journals                                         

Print Magazines                                                                 =35

Print Journals                                                                      =23

Non-Print                                                                                         = 9000+

News Papers:

Hindi                                                                                      =8                                           English                                                                                    =7


All the students, faculty members (on the establishment of Government College Solan &GPGCES,) and non-teaching staff are entitled to get the membership of the library. Presently number of library users is as under:-



The library has a key role in supporting the academic activities of the institution by establishing, maintaining and promoting the library and information services, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

            Book borrowing facility

$1a.     U G students 2 books for home study for 30 days

$1b.     P G students 4 books for home study for 30 days

$1c.      Faculty members 5 books for an academic session and Non teaching staff members 2 books for 15 days.

Reading Room Facility

Reading room facility is available to students and staff members in the reading room during the library hours i.e. from to 10 AM TO 5 PM. 35 Magazines, 23 Journals, 15 Hindi/ English  Newspapers are subscribed and are kept for its users in  the library reading room. The library has seating capacity for about 65 users.

            Current Awareness Service (CAS)

The newly arrived books/ list as well as book jackets are displayed to

attract the library users. The information for CAS is also taken from the Newspapers (Press cuttings), relevant portions of magazines and books etc.

E- Resource

The college library is registered with the INFLIBNET and subscribe e- resources i.e. E books and E journals for the benefit of its users. To make the best use of these e- resources user ID and password has been created for student/ staff users.

            Internet facility

Four computers with Internet facility (with broad band 100mbps) are available in library for its users.           Users can search required information through OPAC as well as through e-resource

Reference Service

The personal assistance as guidance and help is provided to the new as well as to the old readers, if required to make the best use of the library collection.

                        Library computerization/ Automation

The library has purchased SOUL 2.0 (library management software) form INFLIBNET and the work of computerization is in process. 30071 books have been entered on to the LMS SOUL 2.0. The library is partially automated and out of the six modules three modules viz acquisition, cataloguing and OPAC have been activated and catalogue facility of the books entered is being provided to the library users. After completion of the computerization work it will facilitates as:-

OPAC allows users to search/find any book of his/ her interest.

            Updating of   New arrivals lists of library collection.

            Circulation and Membership management

            Budget allocation and expenditure control.

Detail and statistics of library function within a fraction of second to the users etc.

University syllabi

University syllabus of BA, BSc.,B COM, BCA, BBA. MA Eng. and PGDCA is made available in the library for its users i.e. Students and Teachers.

Security / Safety measures

          To prevent loss of library stock and users personal belongings Two CCTV cameras has been installed in the library. To meet fire threats one fire   extinguisher is also available in the library.

Library rules for users

          Working hours:

The library will remain open to the users from 10AM to 5PM on all

working days except Sundays and holidays.

          Admission to the library

Identity card:

Identity cardwill be issued by the College Librarian on production of admission fee receipt. No one will be permitted to the library without identity card. Identity card is a legal document, its misuse is an offence and the student responsible for the same is liable for disciplinary action. In case I card is lost/ misplaced the student must report immediately to the College Librarian. New/ duplicate I card will be issued after 15 days and Rs. 20/- be charged for the same.

Personal belongings

Personal belongings such as private books, files, bags, Umbrella, purse, shall be deposited by the library users at the property counter located at the entrance of the library.

Issue of books and delay fine

Library users (student and staff) shall be allowed to use the library and borrow books. The conditions of the issue of the books to all the categories of users are as mentioned at page no. three above.

In case books issued are not returned within the time limit, book delay fine @ Re. 1=00 per day per book shall be charged from the defaulters. The books will not be reissued/ renewed in any case.

Before getting the books issued any damage to the books should be pointed

out immediately to the counter Assistant/ College Librarian.

Loss/ mutilation of books

In case of damage or loss of books, the user shall be required to replace the book with latest edition or pay the actual cost with 20% extra.

Restricted categories of books/and other reading materials

Reference books, multivolume books and rare books shall not be lent out for home study. These can be consulted within library premises with the written permission of the College Librarian. Journals, Magazines and Newspapers provided in the library Reading room will not be issued to all the above categories of the users.

General Rules

Reader shall maintain proper order and silence in the library.

Making noise, spitting, smoking, writing, marking on walls , use of mobiles or doing anything else which may disturb staff and other readers or against the library rules is strictly prohibited.

A reader responsible for any damage caused to the library property or reading materials shall be required to replace the same and be panelized under library rules.

The issue counter will be closed half an hour earlier so that the persons on the counter may wind up their work for the day and may prepare for the next day.

No reader will be allowed to sleep in the library and its reading room.  The librarian may recall any book at any time if he considers that it is in great demand and in the interest of institution.


Computerization  of library with standard library management software.

Inclusion of sufficient information about the library   on/ in the College WEBSITE college magazine, prospects, annual report as well as on the notice board.

Arrangement of collection of books on competitive exams and on HIMACHAL and high values separately.

Compiling of student’s attendance statistics.

Display of newspapers clippings/ employment related information  on the notice board periodically.

Maintenance of feedback register in the library.