Programme Coordinator: Professor Anupam Bhalla

The study centre (Code No. 1103) at Govt. College  Solan was established in 1986. Today, the centre is serving about more than 1800 students registered in over 55 different study programmes. The study centre provides the following services to the learners through a dedicated team  of counsellors.

  1. Prospectus for admission to all the study programmes of IGNOU.
  2. Counselling sessions are organized at the Study Centre every Sunday (11AM to 4PM) except Examination days.
  3. Assignments of the learners are accepted at the study centre for the learners as per schedule and got evaluated and returned to the learners possibly before the commencement of the Term-end Examination.
  4. Practical sessions, Seminars, Computer Training in different programmes as per requirements of the study programmes are organized by the Study Centre.
  5. Proposals for various project and research oriented courses are accepted, forwarded, supervised, evaluated and forwarded to the IGNOU, New Delhi.
  6. All practical examination and Term-end Examination in all the study programmes are conducted at the study centre in June as well as December.
  7. All post-examination services and information are provided at the study centre.
  8. The study centre is equipped with audio-video system and also maintains a reference library.
  9. University Convocation is organized at the Study Centre as per schedule of the University to award degree to our learners.
  10. Study Centre timings are Thursday to Saturday 12:30PM to 4PM & Sunday 10AM to 5PM.

New Initiatives of the IGNOU

  1. University has introduced Walk-in Admission Scheme for all the programmes. Through this scheme, students can get admission at any time. Session will commence twice a year from January and July respectively.
  2. Now the study material for all the  courses is being dispatched to the learners from the Regional Centre, Shimla which earlier used to be dispatched from Delhi.
  3. University has introduced Assignments (Compulsory Component) for all programmes from January 2008 and now there will be one assignment per course (unless mentioned otherwise). The students will not be allowed to appear in examination without the submission of assignments.
  4. Now requests alongwith requisite fees for the change of Regional Centre, Study Centre. Exam Centre Study Programme/Courses, re-admissions are accepted at the Regional Centre. Shimla, Which may be made on the prescribed forms and addressed to the Regional Director, Regional Centre, Chauhan Building , Khallini, Shimla-171002.
  5. IGNOU Regional Centre, Shimla has activated its own Website: students can visit the RC Website for query or information or feedback, Study Centre, Shimla has also been provided e-mail ID. i.e.
  6. IGNOU Regional Centre Shimla has re-started interactive Radio-Counselling (Phone-in Radio Counselling) from All India Radio, Shimla and the Counselling Schedule is II and IV Sunday, at 11AM to 11:30AM every month Learners can interact.
  7. IGNOU has started about 15 New Study Programmes from January 2009.